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Due to many customers' request for us to market their private homes, HDBseller has been rebranded to HomeSeller in order to better reflect our focus and services. This will enable us to cater for all home buyers and sellers in Singapore, be it HDB flats, condos or landed homes. Different name but the same excellent service.

Homeseller is the First Online Property Agent in Singapore!

Home owner Dilemna

Home owner in Singapore is at a disadvantage when it comes to selling their own home. The top 3 property sites does not allow home owner to advertise their home for sales. This greatly deter home owner from selling themselves because 90% of home buyer search via the top 3 sites. Hence property agent are able to command 2% or higher commission to engage their service.

Our Mission

To bring the lowest agent commission to home owner and enjoy full agent services.

As most of us are home owners ourself, we realise this handicap and we strive to plug this vaccum with a fixed commission that start from $1999 and home owner are still able to enjoy a full agent services and enjoy great savings. Homeseller is the first property agency in Singapore that charges $1999 fixed agent commission to sell your HDB. We streamline the whole process of selling a HDB. Our agent will handle all the complexity of the paper works, handle all the calls & negotiation, remind owner of all important timeline to give owner a stress free process. Owner will enjoy a full agent services, at a fraction of the normal 2% commission. Statistic has shown, Every Singaporean will sell 1-2 HDB flat in their lifetime. And it is also the only time, Singaporean can save up for their retirement coming from the sales proceed. With Homeseller, owner can finally save for their retirement nest.

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