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Do Not Engage This Id Firm!

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Do Not Engage This Id Firm!

Post by mummyseagull » Fri Feb 22, 2019 7:29 am

I would like to share my experience on home renovation specifically about the interior design company and interior designer engaged to renovate my 4-room HDB flat.

In one word, it was a dreadful experience altogether!

This interior design company is N*******t which is quite a big player in the industry and the designer is DK (abbrev.). This young chap DK really CMI (cannot make it) notwithstanding that he is inexperienced. He is slow to respond to my messages and his co-ordination skills (like which activities to be done first, etc) is terrible. Eg, the wall esp where the air-con will be placed needs to be painted before the air-con can be installed. Told him but still did not get workers to paint that area. This is basic and he cannot even do it!

There are many many incidents that pushed me to write my experience in order to share them via this forum with to-be home owners looking for trustable designer and firm to renovate their homes. This designer practically took 4 months to complete the major works….7 months to tie up the loose ends. Is this acceptable? Well, in this industry, the consumers are always very much at the losing end. Even before I signed the contract with the firm, I tried to negotiate adding extra clauses that will safeguard my interests but the designer was reluctant.

Another experience with the designer/firm was that the quality of the workmanship (carpentry work) and goods (windows) are of sub-standard. Eg, Basic stainless steel windows (read carefully, it’s normal stainless steel windows only and not even powdered coated) the colour of the windows was off (colour not even), sharp edges, gaps, etc were found and was told to the designer. Very basic windows and little did I imagine there are so many defects!!! No discolouration, no gaps, no sharp edges are basic requirements. Am I right? They (or their window contractor cannot even supply such) and insisted I have very high standard! Gosh! And the best is that they (designer and contractor and even the designer’s boss) replied: Even your fingers are of different length! (implying no perfection!) Come on, I am not asking for the moon…just asking for the basic standard! My friends who came by during the renovation period told me…this standard of work done you can still accept?!

The very basic that a designer should be cautious of is to protect the floor that has been lay. And again this designer did not! No protection and you expect the flooring be in good condition?! Is it so difficult to do that? Not only has he indirectly tarnished the company image (not that his company’s image is still that reputable) he has also caused the company financial losses (in the form of discount)! Of course, these impacts are none of my business.

To homeowners who are sourcing for ID, please do think twice about engaging this interior designer/firm for your renovation works…the story doesn’t end here…there are many more unacceptable and bad experiences that this designer has left upon me. In short, the service, quality and workmanship by this company, designer and the sub-contractors are way below standard, most importantly, this designer CMI!!! PM me if you would like to know more about the company and designer.

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