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10 Items You Should Never Buy From a Garage Sale

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10 Items You Should Never Buy From a Garage Sale

Post by Jasline » Fri Feb 22, 2019 7:58 am

hello guys, just to share 10 items You Should Never Buy From a Garage Sale. I have made so many mistakes so i thought i should share this! please refer the article below!

https://toughnickel.com/frugal-living/1 ... arage-sale

1. Electricals
You always see toasters, mixers, hair dryers and electronics of all shapes and sizes in a garage sale. These days most of these items are quite economical to upgrade regularly so people are frequently 'out with the old and in with the new'. But this does not mean it your cue to buy.

Whilst these are signals for you to buy at rock bottom prices, it is possible they do not work or are out of warranty.

It is unlikely that you will be allowed to plug in a toaster to check it is in sound order, and don't take the lovely garage sale host's word for it. Even if they are friendly it is not worth it. Faulty wiring may mean you could be in danger without knowing it.

Unless you are a handyman, and can competently pull apart your new found bargain, to use for spare parts or fix what does not work, do not buy electricals.

2. Intimate Clothing
Clothing, of the personal kind, is a no-no.

You should never buy undergarments, socks, swimwear, shoes or hats.


Undergarments and socks clearly speak for themselves. And yes, people do put anything and everything out to sell.
Swimwear. This commonly makes an appearance. Generally in the range of children's swimwear or boys shorts. Despite the obvious hygiene concerns, they are often old and potentially thinning so may not last another wash cycle.
Despite the hygene factors which are prevalent, second hand shoes are home to many forms of bacteria. Boots, thongs (flip-flops), laceups. Any kind. Are out. It really is not wise.
Hats are also an item to avoid. Any item worn on the head can, and most likely does, carry germs. One would not generally wash a hat, and hats are rarely cleaned before they are sold therefore they may contain remnants of hair products, skin cells, sweat, or skin infections. Steer well away from hats—unless you are a hat collector and plan never to wear the hat.

3. Baby Cots and Bedding
Baby cots (or cribs), mattresses and bedding are designed and manufactured under strict conditions. Child safety is paramount in this industry. These stringent standards are regularly reviewed and updated, and as a result old designs may be deemed unsafe for your baby.

A cot may look adorable and perfect for your newborn, but there could be features in its design that could cause harm. It may have been recalled. There may be an issue with the paint it is covered with. Maybe the owners have had it re-painted, or lacquered in a toxic material, unbeknownst to them.

Unless it is a brand name product with a model number visible with manufacturer's dates (and you have done your research prior), it is not worth the money you are saving for the potential risks to be caused.

Despite the safety aspects, pre-loved mattresses and bedding is most likely riddled with almost anything. Babies are messy creatures, even at the best of times. It is unhygienic.

Second hand mattresses also pose a danger. Old mattresses can be full of dust mites and dust mite droppings contain allergens which can be a trigger for asthma or eczema.

4. Mattresses & Bedding
Some find it hard to bypass a bargain when they see it. You might be standing in front of a double bed mattress.

It looks brilliant. It looks clean.

Just what you have been looking for. And best of all, it's FREE. You are thinking 'Woo hoo this is MINE'.

You must resist temptation.

Never ever buy a second hand mattress. Even if you are told it has only been used once (yeah right), once it too many times.

Mattresses are breeding grounds for dust mites, dead skin cells and who knows what else. No matter how cheap it is, even if it is free, do not buy it.

The same goes for any other bedding, including pillows, quilts and blankets.

Anything that has had the opportunity to be in touch with skin has grounds for being contaminated. Unless you plan to be extra creative and cut up quilts for other crafty activities (after they have been steam cleaned, dry cleaned and purified) stay away.

5. Helmets
Any helmet, whether it be a bicycle helmet or a motorcycle helmet is bad news. Just like the hat, it will most likely be home to many germs, hair mites and the like.

Furthermore, helmets undergo strict safety tests and these tests are usually upgraded very regularly so it is possible that you are buying an old helmet that is out of date with current regulations.

If the helmet has been in an accident, which may not be obvious to the naked eye, it may have hair-line cracks or damage meaning it is unsafe for you.

It’s better to buy a new helmet from a bike shop and they will make sure it fits you perfectly.

Stay away from helmets.

6. Many Children's Toys
Check children’s toys for safety hazards prior to purchasing.

Children's toys and baby equipment are designed to not have loose parts, pointy or sharp edges or other obvious safety concerns.

In their brand new form, these issues may not be present, however after being thrown from one end of the home to the other, chewed and or broken and mended, some toys may be unsafe.

Be very wary of such possibilities. Be forewarned.

7. Personal Beauty Items
You'd be surprised at the number of personal beauty items people sell at garage sale.

Shaving kits, eyelash curlers, hair pins, hair bands, ribbons.

All are full of germs. Full stop.

Unless they are brand new with original tags, original packaging, do not even bother. The price of these items is negligible compared to the potential germs you are inflicting on yourself.

8. Food
This is probably the item you would least expect to find at a garage sale. But believe me you will find it at the odd one.

Even though an innocent lemonade stand, cake stall or bag of lollies looks enticing, do not eat them. Sometimes you will see bottled jams or preserves, fruit cake or tins of biscuits. Do not buy them.

For starters you are not familiar with the surroundings in which they were made and with food hygiene so important, it is not worth the risk, to you or our child.

Items may not be as they seem.

There could be a particular ingredient in a biscuit or a cake that you or your child are allergic too. Just because the garage sale host says no flour does not mean that there is no flour. Mistakes happen. Even innocent mistakes.

Lastly, what about used-by dates or expiry dates. You are not aware of the age of the food you are buying or eating.

Do not buy or eat food at a garage sale.

9. Pots and Pans
Pots and pans are plentiful at garage sales. Usually they are rusty, have been well loved, a bit greasy here and there and in almost all cases have not been washed prior to being placed on the trestle table with its $2 price tag.

Do not be tempted.

Why do you want a cheap pan when you can pass by a $2 shop or a thrift shop and get one brand new for the same price. Fine, the brand name may not be there but the cleanliness factor is.

Ask yourself, why is the person selling it? It is is a brand name frying pan? What is wrong with it? Even if nothing is wrong, even if they just 'upgraded' and no longer need it, you are buying germs, germs germs.

10. Car Seats for Baby and Toddler
As with baby cots and furniture, car seats are manufactured under strict guidelines, safety criteria and standards. Reviewed all too regularly, buying a second hand car seat is a ricky purchase.

The car seat may have been involved in an accident. Whist it may look like it is in one piece, the structure of it may be flawed, or the belt frayed, and may not ultimately protect your child in the unlikely event of another accident.

Don’t risk your child’s life.

I won't apologise for the fact that the majority of what was discussed here was germs, mites, and unhygienic habits. The truth is everyone is safe in their own world of germs. Germs are important for our immune system. We need them to help our own immune system develop. But there is a limit and buying a second hand item just because it is FREE or $1 is not worth the potential safety or health issues that come with it.

Remember if you buy these 10 second hand items at a garage sale, you are walking away with more than you can see.

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