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1st time hiring a maid, need advice

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1st time hiring a maid, need advice

Post by ay33 » Wed Mar 06, 2019 5:40 pm

hi all, i in a confuse state and would appreciate any1 help me with some tips or advice and past experiences for me as this will be my 1st time in getting a maid so i need some info please.

Firstly, should i find a maid agency or go for those transfer maid which can be search through fb whereby we do not need to pay for the agency fees and to settle all the applications by myself.

Secondly, any recommendation on a good maid agency with good packages that they are currently offering?

Lastly, which nationality of the maid should i choose to assist my mum in taking care of my newborn and 3 years old daughter as i heard and saw a lot of posts stating there is language problem, child abuse issue and attitude problem for certain nationality maid.

Thanks in advance!

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