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Mini iPad seller wanted to back out after deal

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Mini iPad seller wanted to back out after deal

Post by voodooman » Mon Feb 18, 2019 7:38 am

Hello all.. I would like to share my 'wtf' exp with this seller.

I saw an advertisement in gum tree that says 'Mini iPad 128GB Gold Brand New for Sale at only $299!'

So after contacting the seller, the seller agreed and decided to meet me.

Having met the seller, to my surprise, the condition of the ipad is not fully brand new and has no box/packaging. No wonder selling so cheap! So I asked her (the seller) why its different than she advertised.
The seller said 'Oops.. because the box is old so she throw away already." what a lame excuse.

So i ask for a lower price to reduce to $250. She agreed and we parted ways.

Here's the twist. 10 minutes later when i was on the way home, she called me and said she wanted the iPad back, because her boyfriend is mad at her for selling at low price.
She called to ask me to go back to the same meeting place for the exchange back again. I was like what?? and why should i go back?

I told her nicely that we have agreed and made the deal. Now that she wants to back out the deal its a different issue altogether. Furthermore, she instructed me to go back to the same meeting place to meet her.

This is the first time meeting such person.
So at the end I said no to her. I told her that I the right to say no to her since the deal has been made. If she did not want to sell, she shouldn't deal with me at the first place.

and guess what, she started telling me that actually the iPad is a bit faulty and the battery does not last long. i check the iPad and thought it was perfectly okay. She told me the money i paid for, is not worth to purchase a defected good, advising me that she is willing to refund me every single cent if i return the iPad to her. She kept convincing me to return the iPad to her. The more she wants me to return, the more i do not wish to return. So in the end I told her its ok and that I really need the iPad for my work purpose and we hung up.

A little while later, when I got home, I received a text from her 'boyfriend' threatening me to return the iPad otherwise, he will make sure he will find out where I stay and come find me personally.This was the time that i was really angry and worried at the same time.

I replied that you do not need to be rude and that its your gf's fault for agreeing a deal with me besides selling a defect iPad advertising it as brand new. I also replied that him I will report this to the police as threaten case. From then on, he did not reply me anymore.

This lady is quite well to do and stays in a landed property but did this kind of dishonest and behaved uneducatedly as well as her bf.

Hope people reading this will not have this kind of bad experience. Godbless and have a good day.

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