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Due to many customers' request for us to market their private homes, HDBseller has been rebranded to HomeSeller in order to better reflect our focus and services. This will enable us to cater for all home buyers and sellers in Singapore, be it HDB flats, condos or landed homes. Different name but the same excellent service.

Guide to DIY your HDB

Step 1

Check eligibility to Sell

Owner to check eligibility and register your Intent to sell in the HDB Resale Portal.

Step 2

Complete Intent To Sell

After completing the Intent to Sell, the resale portal will direct you to download the OTP and compute your estimated sale proceeds. You are required to wait for the completion of the 7-day cooling-off period before granting an OTP to the buyers.

Step 3

Grant OTP

Once you accept an offer, you can grant an OTP to the buyer. You and the buyers must use the HDB-prescribed Option to Purchase (OTP) as the form of contract in the transaction. Any other agreements and/or supplementary agreements relating to the sale or purchase of the flat are not valid under the Housing and Development Act. You can download a copy of the HDB-prescribed OTP form. Please print only 1 copy of the OTP as each form has a unique serial number.

Step 4

Engage Valuer

Buyer will have 21 days of option period to exercise the OTP. Buyer will also engage a valuer for the valuation report of the HDB which is needed for the purpose of housing loan.

Step 5

Exercise OTP

After Buyer exercise the option, you and the buyer must decide a date to submit the resale application to HDB. Both you and the buyer’s portion of the resale application must be submitted within 7 days of each other’s. Both portion must also be submitted within the previously agreed number of days on page 4 of the OTP. A resale application is deemed complete only when the HDB receives both portions of the resale application. You and the buyers should ensure that all prevailing eligibility conditions and resale requirements are met.

Step 6

Flat inspection by HDB Branch

After buyers and sellers have submitted their resale application, HDB will arrange for Technical Executives from the HDB Branch to inspect your flat. The purpose of the inspection is to check if there are unauthorised renovation works in the flat that may damage HDB property and affect the structural stability of the flats/ building. The inspection is not to ascertain the value of the flat, the condition and safety of the renovation works, or compliance with any legislation in respect of any installation of fittings/ fixtures in the flat. You will be informed of the inspection date in the letter of HDB’s acceptance of the resale application.

Step 7

Resale Completion Appointment

The resale completion date is tentatively scheduled as 8 weeks from the date of HDB’s acceptance of the resale application, and indicated in the letter of HDB’s acceptance of the resale application. We will notify you (via SMS) on the actual date and time of your resale completion appointment once the resale completion is scheduled. You can also check the completion date and time from the HDB Resale Portal. Legal documents which require “wet ink” signature will be signed by the buyers and sellers at the completion appointment at HDB Hub. If you are unable to attend the resale completion appointment, you contact your Customer Relations Manager (CRM), who will advise you accordingly. Details of your CRM can be found on the HDB Resale Portal.

Step 8

Temporary Extension of Stay for sellers

After the sale of the resale flat is legally completed, you have to move out of the flat. If you are unable to do so immediately, you can arrange with the flat buyers to extend your stay temporarily in the flat, for a period of up to 3 months after the legal completion. If you would like to apply for the temporary extension of stay, you must seek your buyer’s agreement and indicate your request when you submit your resale application. Find out more about the conditions to apply for the Temporary Extension of Stay .

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